About External Radio

Once upon a time…. in a time long ago in 1999, shoutcast had allowed people to broadcast music from their computers…. Then one day Tac’ehT had this idea RADIO 24/7 and this turned into a great idea.External radio has gone from just being founded in 1999 and broadcasted from a computer to being one of the unique internet stations out there offering a great and friendly community for gamers, djs, music lovers and people who just want to have fun! It’s all about community right!

Now in the not so distant future Tac’ehT (of External Radio) Video broadcasting, to Live entertainment, even Podcasts so you can listen while at work , driving or just need something with out the Ads of today’s stations. The idea is to being a collective of DJs that are Like minded, into one called True Deep Movement. With this we bring you unique underground style with artists that enjoy interacting with the public as well as being part of the public. Everyone is welcome to joint this very unique community were you can take a break from life’s challenges and remember why we are here. this also will help upcoming artists to promote their talents and create a fan base.

This is how you get Digital Ear Candy.